When is it the best time to STOP GAPS in your Personal and Business Development Life?



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Welcome to StopGap Consultants, where our strength is on knowledge, visual coaching, practical facts, factual data and skill sets working with individuals and business owners.

We invest on maximizing outcomes on your personal life and business venture, with the aid of mixed assets that are unique to us when it comes to your specific Career, Personal and Business Development Plans, Goals, Values and Growth. 

It’s all about YOU and just YOU.

This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our approach and strategies are on your unique ideas, work experience, skills, creativity, talent and passion.

This can certainly be fine-tuned into income generating business, investment platforms or career growth.

At StopGap Consultants, we aim at making a truly remarkable difference in your life through navigating all that you know.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand the inner you.

Fear of the unknown lack of direction
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We build a Success Pin board and focus on Sustaining Clarity to achieve equilibrium on your goals and objectives. This is accomplished through extensive research and well-designed personal plans.

We focus on what is paramount, valuable, practical, measurable, meaningful and relevant to your challenging situation.

Two practical concepts are applied through consulting, coaching and training to further guide and support our clients to obtain ultimate success.

  1. SMARTER concept [Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-bound. Ethical. Rewarding]

1st concept is for Aspired Entrepreneurs, Stay-Home Parents, University and College graduates.

  1. DMAIC concept [Define Measure Analyse Improve and Control]

The 2nd concept is for Entrepreneurs, Self-employed, Side Hustlers and Company Employees.

What is holding you back in life? Need motivation in life?