About Us

Our Vision

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To be the most trusted and sought after Career Branding, Capacity Building, Personal and Business Development Consulting firm, by developing individuals & organizations who will make a global difference.

Our Mission

  • To reset and redesign systems towards your goals.
  • Provide inspiring ideas, skills and knowledge that consequently supports Career Branding, Capacity Building, Personal and Business Development Goals and Plans in different stages of your life, hence becoming: –
  1. A person of substance,
  2. Psychologically fit and
  3. Financially fit.
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Our Approach

In order to best achieve your Career Branding, Capacity Building,​ Personal and Business Development Goals and Plans in-line with our mission, StopGap Consultants will:

  1. Engage with you as a group or one-on-one basis. Provide quality time. Build rapport through open communication. Above all, respect on privacy and confidentiality of our sessions.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand areas of focus, challenges, strengths, and also opportunities.
  3. Aim to take stock of your capabilities. Discuss values that will strengthen your expertise as a result of your current experiences.
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Promotion in life, career Personal Development analyse
  1. Learn different financial strategies that will genuinely meet your needs and interest, in-line with best practice.
  2. Create and design true value, based on your profile to fit your value map with positive outcome.
  3. Aim at turning your Customers to be your Clients.
  4. Provide further support after completion of sessions when required.

Our Ethos and Ethics

Collaboration. Adaptability. Practical. Fun. Interactive. Courage. Puzzles to Crack. Confidence. Cheerfulness. Humour. Safe practices. Determination. Professionalism. Success.

Discretion and confidentiality are at the heart of our best practice and beliefs.

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