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Entrepreneurs. Self-Employed. Side Hustlers

Fear Mental Health Coaching
  • How do you truly feel about your input into your business?
  • What does your business say about you?
  • What are your customers/clients saying about you?
  • What values have you created for your business, customers and clients?
  • Is your business growing or hanging in there?
  • What are the gaps in your business that are blocking growth and progress?
  • Could it be you are the one bubbling your business?
  • Are there challenges outside or inside your business environment affecting your Personal and Business Development Plans or Growth?
  • Do you need to reenergise your business?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Stay-Home Parent

Trigger questions for you: -

  • Is your Business Development Growth in a bubble?
  • Are you ready to redesign your life and business?
  • Are you open to share your ideas, skills, thoughts, desire, passion, talents, knowledge, or even dreams that we can make it into another ‘department’ in your business?
  • Are you ready to engage in this unique and inspiring process?
  • Are you ready to transform from current situation to new heights as an Entrepreneur?

Please contact us today and we will make that 1st step to further upgrade your business or side-hustles by bridging any gaps in your Business Development Goals.

introvert being stuck in a bubble

At StopGap Consultants, we believe in moving our Personal and Business Development upward and forward to another successful level.

We will share our best knowledge and information that will make a significant difference in your business and balance your work-life routine. There are several venues which you can make your financial investment ‘homes’ that will make positive vibes in your finance bucket.

There will be no turning back.

Regardless of your religion

Faith over failure Trust Don't worry Power of prayer

Begin your day with a prayer for what you are about to accomplish.

End your day with a prayer for what you have achieved.

Faith over failure Trust Don't worry Power of prayer