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One-on-One. Let’s get to know You

Personal Development Coach counselling in Kenya

Welcome to StopGap Consultants where it’s all about you. Your life goals and objectives mapped by you for you.

All our sessions are private and confidential. We encourage open talks in regards to your general progress in life, career endeavors, challenges and huddles that hinder your Personal and Business development.

Let’s explore the current situation in order to analyze and implement relevant solutions.

Puzzles and Threads in Life

Think of your situation as a Puzzle where you need to put all the pieces together. Definitely, the only way to make the puzzle remain intact is by stitching or gluing the pieces together.

Putting my life together puzzle
Challenges in Life coaching in Kenya

Let us support you in putting your Personal and Business Development Goals and Plans flexible and intact.

Different Ways to Define Progress in Life

Many of us define our progress in life on hopes, wishes, new jobs, new deals, new home or new relationships-just to mention a few.

The problem is, when these becomes old they no longer define our lives, taking us back to square one.

Do you relate to this in any way?

Feeling stressed at work consultant in kenya
Personal Development Consultant in Kenya

Let us define your Wheel of Life balance through Personal and Business Development styles and make it a long-term success.

Spice Up Your Life

Personal coach consultant in Kenya

Let us define your continuous progress in life through Personal Development styles and make it a long-term success.

Don’t just inspire to make a living to survive, inspire to make a difference in your personal life.

Book an appointment with us and we will design a simple, yet functional daily motivational routine for your Personal and Business Development Plans and Goals.