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Value your personal Development. Overcome rejection Don't hurt and struggle alone
Leave your Dream. Idea. Plan. Action. StopGap Consultants are here for YOU.

Today is it the best time to STOP GAPS in your Personal Development Life. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but  today.

Welcome to StopGap Consultants where our greatest assets are on knowledge, visual coaching, practical facts, factual data and skill sets working with individuals.

This mix of assets are unique to StopGap Consultants when it comes to your specific Personal Development Plans, Goals and Growth.  For this reason, we sketch tailor-made Development Goals that ensures nothing falls through the Gaps in your life.

Our Personal Development coaching session bridges the gap between where you are right now, and certainly where you want to be in the near future.

We will build your success pin-board through an extensive research and well designed personal plans. Our focus will be on sustaining clarity to achieve equilibrium on your goals and objectives.

Confused stuck afraid of moving forward getting out of comfort zone
Which way forward for me?


Our focus is paramount, practical, measurable, meaningful, and relevant to your challenging situation.

Personal Finance

Why not maximise outcomes in your personal development investment.

Our approach and strategies are based on your unique ideas, work experience, skills, creativity, talent and passion. This is fine-tuned into income generating business, investments or career growth.

Focus on what matters the most in your personal moments. What you love. What you are  most certainly passionate about.

Boost your positive Ego, get to a certain level of Financial Security and above all, love every moment even if it’s challenging.

Spice up your life


Success in personal development coaching in Kenya
Be inspired, capture ideas and never lose your track equilibrium.

Be inspired, capture ideas and never lose your track equilibrium.

Let us define your continuous progress in life through Personal Development styles. As a result, making it a long-term success.

Have a daily routine planner that will spice up your daily activities. Consequently bring joy to your life while eliminating boredom.

Don’t just inspire to make a living to survive, but rather inspire to make a difference in your personal life.

We aim at making a truly and remarkable difference in your life by navigating all that you know. Furthermore, our coaching and training session is all about you.

Do you want the best practical personal development consultant in Kenya?

Finally, know that it’s never too late to do something that is fulfilling and has great purpose in your life.

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