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University Graduates. College Graduates

Trigger questions for you: -

Lack of focus Mental Wellness

What did you study and what was your best area of interest?

great activity in life

Did you participate in any extra curricula activities? Did you enjoy it?

Happy with success

What is your passion, talent, skills, ideas, dreams, thoughts and desire?

Challenges finding learning

Are you prepared to have a defined Personal and Business Development Goal and Plan?

Life and business strategies

What do you know about corporate business world?

Money Property Personal finance investment plans ideas

Do you have knowledge or adequate information on financial savings and investments?

Talent abilities passion behavior reveal

Are you ready to be independent, explore and conquer the work life?

many doors closing one door opens

Are you facing any challenges or difficulties in making sound decision on your career or business path?

Welcome to StopGap Consultants, where we will train and coach University and College graduates on how they will best fit in the corporate world. Consider this as a stepping stone or project that requires mentoring as part of exploring your career options. 

burden and confusion in personal development life

Before stepping into the business world, it’s important to have a first-hand comprehensive overview and foundation on what is currently trending in the work society, what to expect or not expect and the reality of it.

You need to understand how you will navigate your skills, knowledge and systems to succeed in the business world.

These are information that you do not get in a formal education system, however you will get more from our training and coaching sessions.

Success in personal development coaching in Kenya
wisdom study leaning making choices

The earlier one enrolls for our sessions, the better as we will place the graduates in a support program for self-assessment.

We encourage graduates to discover their own potential, capabilities, discuss innovative ideas, systems to follow, gain perspective in their personal lives and signs to look out for to avoid burnouts.

Contact us when you are ready to take that 1st insight to your corporate world, with advance foundation towards your future, independence and success path.

Regardless of your religion

Faith over failure Trust Don't worry Power of prayer

Begin your day with a prayer for what you are about to accomplish.

End your day with a prayer for what you have achieved.

Faith over failure Trust Don't worry Power of prayer